Apr 19

queancake: I was right to choose this Cuckcake. I knew when my…

Apr 19


I was right to choose this Cuckcake. I knew when my husband came home to find us kissing he would be totally into it, but when he disappeared and returned with the rope I knew the night was going to get dark and extreme and interesting. Things went off balance almost immediately. He pulled her away from me and started kissing her furiously, taunting me with his words. ‘I have had a fucked up day and this is what YOU want to do, you want me to spend my energy fucking.this.dirty.little.whore for your pleasure?’ He gripped Cuckcake’s chin and tapped Cuckcake’s eager smiling face to emphasise each word. 

What was going on? Was he angry with me? As he squeezed Cuckcake’s tits and pinched her nipples over her t-shirt my heart pounded. I didn’t misjudge this, did I? I have done it before, given him a kinky girl to relieve tension, but as he started pulling his pants open carelessly and pushing her down on her knees, I began to experience doubt and most shockingly I found myself wet at the thought that he was genuinely angry with me. He groaned as the Cuckcake started blowing him, sloppily and deep, exactly what he needs. ‘Fuck yes, this hot little bitch sucks my dick as well as you can.’ Ouch. Yes, that hurt and made my pussy throb at the same time. What was going on?

Cuckcake even had the upper hand immediately as she had the most experience with rope bondage, she helped him tie me up first. As soon as I was incapacitated and spread eagle by the ropes, she pulled me aside on the bed and begged for my husband’s cock, it seemed she wanted to play games with me too. I held my breath, would he do that, obey her wishes rather than mine? He did not even look at me, trussed up, alone on the end of the bed, he flopped down with her against the pillows giving me a full length view of their bodies. ‘Watch this then since you like it so much’ and he kissed Cuckcake loudly and sucked her tits and bit her neck and slurped her pussy and made love to her deeply, in front of me. Her tanned slender thighs wrapped around his waist and they fucked and taunted me for what felt like hours making my exposed pussy drip down my thigh. The torture continued with a verbal torrent with my husband narrating ‘Oh my gawd this fucking pussy is so wet, it tasted so good, she’s fucking tighter and smaller than you, totally shaved, I love this fucking pussy’ and he would make Cuckcake describe everything to me too ‘Tell my wife what I am doing to you now, how do you feel?’ Cuckcake obediently described every detail to me ‘Holy shit, your husband’s cock feels so fucking good in me, I’m so wet for him, mmmmm he’s slipping his finger into my ass, I fucking love it, oh do it Papi, finger my tight little asshole, show your wife how you can’t get enough of my body’. 

My husband is actually getting more and more wound up and insatiable the more he fucks her until he cannot take any more. He pulls out mid thrust leaving Cuckcake panting and whining. He drags me up to her by my rope handle and orders her to do things to me that stretched my pussy and ass wider than ever before. He has never let anyone punish me like that before. I was on the verge of tears but it felt so fucking good at the same time. I kept watching him for signs of whether he was truly this angry at me or not but I was baffled. He sat there, naked and sweaty, with red scratch marks rising over his chest from Cuckcake’s enthusiasm. Rolling a joint as usual as he tells Cuckcake to make me suck the strap on dildo she has just pulled from my ass. I imagine I see him give me the tiniest smile and it is enough for me to hold back the tears and suck the shiny dildo with renewed devotion. After he has smoked and given us both a few blowbacks we are sufficiently buzzed for what he has planned next.  He ties Cuckcake up identically to me, with her legs splayed and folded out, her freshly fucked pussy on display and wide open. I long to lick it, to taste my husband in her cunt but he does not allow me. 

He stacks us face to face, Cuckcake on top, and just goes to town on our pussys and asses, taking turns, shoving fingers and tongues in unused holes. He verbally abuses us in a tirade of name calling ‘cum-hungry sluts, wicked little bitches, two fuckdolls for his pleasure’ which turns us on so much we can’t help kissing each other angrily, trying to suck each others tongues and bite each other’s lips, our hard nipples heavenly pressing into each others tits.  We were writhing mass of bodies. The three of us fucked each other so hard that we lost all sense of time and reality and boundaries and I heard my husband groaning to Cuckcake he fucking loved her and Cuckcake told me she loved me and I told them i fucking loved both of them and finally i could see my husband flagging. As his climax approached I knew he was going to cum in her, one final humiliation. He looked me in the eyes from over her shoulder as he bucked and thrusted into Cuckcake’s pussy. ‘Kiss my wife’ he croaked, using the last of his self control. Cuckcake kissed me intensely while my eyes were still locked with his. She moaned against my mouth with each final thrusts of his swollen dick and pounded my pussy with her fingers. As my husband’s seed gushed into her I finally let the orgasm I had been holding back happen, crying and yelping in pleasure against Cuckcake’s mouth. It was another world for us three in those few moments.

As the glow of the fuck session diminished and reality crept back into our bedroom, Cuckcake made her excuses and left, kissing us both sensuously and telling us to call her any time whatsoever. I watched my husband watching her go and instinctually I felt better about everything. ‘I only wanted to give you what you needed for the weekend, you were so stressed…’ I started to explain but he cut me off with a giant relaxed smile. ‘I love you. You are all i need but the fact that you just gave me ‘that’ too’ and he gestured to the recently exited bedroom door ‘well, that just makes me the luckiest!’.

mastershoney: Forced to watch his expressions of lust and shear…

Apr 19


Forced to watch his expressions of lust and shear pleasure.

forced? more like allowed

mysexploring: The strapon was Jake’s Christmas present from…

Apr 19


The strapon was Jake’s Christmas present from Nina. It had been hidden in a box with some clothes, and he’d been careful to hide that with the family around. Then it had taken a few days for all their families to clear out, but now it was definitely Jake’s favorite present.

onlysman: So hot! Would love to have my girlfriend rub my dick…

Apr 19


So hot! Would love to have my girlfriend rub my dick all over my wife’s face

Be very careful. Be her man.

Apr 19


Remember that this is her fantasy, and she could wake from it in a bad way for any reason.  More than likely the reason will be you.  You gotta remember you are fucking another woman.  Don’t buy into the being entitled crap unless you’re just an ass hat and really don’t give a shit about your CuckQuean.

My CuckQuean is my most prized possession, I know I have to earn my place with her, but that goes without saying.  I would do anything to have her.  I know that she deserves a man who will always pursue her till she is his.

So unless you want to make her completely miserable, and yourself to boot. Know when to be her man, and always, always remember that there isn’t anything you need more than her, and you can’t get what you want till you get what you need.   Be there for her and love her unconditionally.

queenbeesthings: maistir-darkfantasies: hornyharvest:Fuck her…

Apr 19




Fuck her hard, baby. I know you’re into my best friend. Fuck her like a slut and cum inside her. Show her how it’s like to have you.

She would have to be very well respected by you to get this treatment.

I so want to kiss you while you are inside another woman…or her lips around your cock. That would be so unbelievably sensual!

wantyourseed: defiling-sluts: The love of cum always triumphs…

Apr 19



The love of cum always triumphs the sense of disgust and humiliation. 

Good girls are always hungry… Aren’t you??

cuckquean-humiliation: Your husband had been fucking Veronica…

Apr 18


Your husband had been fucking Veronica for almost an hour without cumming, and when he finally came, he came a lot. He was supposed to pull out his dick just in time and not cum in her, but he couldn’t resist to keep going. When he came he just kept fucking her harder and faster, pumping her up with his seed. Afterwards he collapsed on top of her, and kept his throbbing dick inside her for a couple of more minutes before he pulled it out. 

- Ahh…I couldn’t help myself, her pussy was just so good that I had to stay inside her just a little too long… I came so hard deep inside her, her pussy is overflowing. Sorry honey… but if she becomes pregnant, she really wants to keep the baby. And you know I can’t say no to her, I love seeing her happy :)

-This was why I wanted your husband to fuck me for an hour without cumming, I knew he wouldn’t be able to hold back in the end because it would feel too good :) I have planned for this to make it the perfect timing, because I’m ovulating right now! :) Aren’t you so happy for me?! Think about it - I will be having your husbands baby!! hahahaha! :)

Many cuckqueans love to fluff their husbands before he has to…

Apr 18

Many cuckqueans love to fluff their husbands before he has to perform.

For me personally it’s very arousing.

Off topic: MFD, is that you on the left? ;-) XOXO

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